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New York is where it's at!

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New York has quite possibly the most diverse fisheries in the entire United States, as well as legendary rivers and trout streams. Where else can anglers target trout, salmon, bass and saltwater species?

New York also is the birthplace of American Fly Fishing with legendary waters throughout the state. New Yorker's even founded modern aquaculture when Seth Green developed hatchery techniques in Caledonia, New York during the 1800's.

So yeah, we're pretty proud of what we have and want to protect our coldwater resources now and in the future.

New York has hundreds of wonderful trout streams both large and small, throughout every region.

The Catskills — Birthplace of American Fly Fishing

Beaverkill River

American fly fishing was arguably created on the Beaverkill River. A classic northeastern freestone stream with long deep runs, the early founders of American fly fishing eagerly fished the pools of the Beaverkill River. 

Willowemoc Creek

"The Willow" is a branch of the Beaverkill and about as famous. When you fish the Willow, you stand in waters that helped craft the sport and the traditional Catskill flies that became the basis for dozens of fly tying patterns used all over the country.

Delaware River

The Upper Delaware River system has become one of the most significant fly fishing rivers in America. After the dams were constructed in the late 1960's, the Upper Delaware system developed into one of the best tailwater fisheries in the country, with rich insect hatches and smart, big trout. 

Neversink River

In the 1890's Theodore Gordon expertly matched dry fishing flies to actual insects while fishing the Neversink, Beaverkill and Willowemoc. Edward Hewitt conducted research on insect and flies from his property above the town of Neversink. As a result, the Neversink River is considered by many to be the birthplace of American dry fly fishing, and one of the most important river's in New York.

Great Lakes Tributaries

Salmon River

Arguably the premier Great Lakes tributary, the Salmon River has one of the largest salmon runs in the Great Lakes, making it a destination for angler's from all over the world. Tackling big fish in a small river is one of the singular experiences in the sport of fly fishing.

Cattaraugus Creek

The Catt is one of the best steelhead streams in the Great Lakes. Short and powerful, good numbers of Lake Erie steelhead run the creek every year giving anglers a shot at big, angry trout.

Oak Orchard

Lots of Ontario salmonids flood into Oak Orchard every year. Big kings, coho's, browns and steelhead attract anglers from all over the country. And why not? Ontario's fish get BIG. It's not uncommon for brown trout and steelhead topping 30" to be brought to net. 7-8 weight fly rods are typical. BIG FISH.

The Adirondack Mountains

Ausable River

In the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, the Ausable is one the the trout fishing gems of the northeast, with a rich fly fishing and sportsman's culture. The backdrop of the New York mountains while fly fishing a freestone river is one of fly fishing's grand experiences.

Battenkill River

Redundantly called the Battenkill River, the Batten Kill or Battenkill runs through the southern Adirondack's from its headwaters in Vermont. Legendary anglers like Lee Wulff plied the waters of the Battenkill, with its picturesque scenes, covered bridges and sweet, clear water. This river is also rich in fly fishing culture and lore.

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