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Regarding conservation...

The concept of conservation could not be more important to the New York Council of Trout Unlimited. In fact, it's the cornerstone of Trout Unlimited National as well as in every chapter in every state. Conservation is why Trout Unlimited exists. Many of our members throughout the United States practice fly fishing, but not all. In fact, some members don't even fish. 

Our mission is conservation. Protecting coldwater resources that trout thrive in. This usually means creeks, streams and rivers but sometimes even ponds and lakes. We want these waters to be clean, cold, and healthy. We fight to have good stewardship and maintenance. It wasn't so long ago that nobody cared about our natural resources. The industrial revolution and practices lasted until the 1960's. Many rivers were black from industrial discharge or brown from chemical pollution. Nothing lived in those waters.


Trout Unlimited has fought to restore and protect these resources for over 50 years.

Sure, our chapters and members love to talk fishing and fly fishing. We fish together, tie flies together and enjoy the company of like-minded folks, but our goal and our mission is conservation.

It's what we do.

Congressional Record 1963.png

Early pressure from Trout Unlimited's founders resulted in advancing a critical issue to the awareness of the US Senate as well as being noted in the permanent record in 1963.

Formal attention to environmental issues was essential, especially when the country was still in a mode of full-scale industrialization with limited protections.

To this day, the Beaverkill and Willowemoc remain gems of the Catskills, with thousands of anglers visiting those waters every year. Roscoe, New York bills itself as "Trout Town USA"

You can thank these guys.

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