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Trout Unlimited needs to cover a lot of water, over a lot of ground. Our committees help us get organized and mobilized to achieve coldwater restorations and protections throughout New York. Sometimes our mission means digging holes for a tree planting, or meeting with planners and contractors for a restoration. Oftentimes we work with local governments to develop projects as well as legislators to advocate for legal protections or funding. And without our fundraising committee we may not have the important financial resources necessary to do our work and protect what we care about. Having hardworking committee's ensures we get involved in all these critical areas.


Conservation Committee

In 2019, the New York Council established a six-person committee to carefully review and fund projects throughout the state. The Conservation Committee also acts as a council liaison to state organizations, TU National and chapters regarding proposed projects as well as identifying new ones.


Advocacy Committee

Advocacy is no small task. Having a committee that can keep tabs on issues, elected officials and policies are important tools in protecting the resources we care about. Additionally, being able to advocate for funding and key programs only adds to the important responsibilities of the Advocacy Committee.


Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for overseeing NYSCTU’s fundraising activities.   The Committee will develop an annual fundraising plan, coordinating with the Council Treasurer and Chair, with regard to financial goals and the annual budget.   The Development Committee will engage all members of the Executive Committee in the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of current and prospective donors. The Development Committee will report, at least on a quarterly basis, progress in accomplishing the goals set forth in the fundraising plan and, if necessary, regularly readjust those goals.

The success of the Development Committee’s endeavors directly affects Council’s ability to implement initiatives and complete projects.   A Development Committee composed of members with experience and the proper skill set is essential. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact their Chapter President, Regional Vice President or the Chair of the Development Committee. 

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